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Seamounts, deep-sea corals and fisheries: vulnerability of deep-sea corals to fishing on seamounts beyond areas of national jurisdiction

M Clark, DP Tittensor, A Rogers, P Brewin, T Schlacher, A Rowden, K Stocks, M Consalvey.


The oceans cover 361 million square kilometres, almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of the surface of the Earth. The overwhelming majority (95 per cent) of the ocean
area is deeper than 130 m, and nearly two-thirds (64 percent) are located in areas beyond national jurisdiction.
Recent advances in science and technology have provided an
unprecedented insight into the deep sea, the largest realm on Earth and the final frontier for exploration. Satellite and shipborne remote sensors have charted the sea floor,
revealing a complexity of morphological features such as trenches, ridges and seamounts which rival those on land. Submersibles and remotely operated vehicles have documented rich and diverse ecosystems and communities.

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